25 April 2011

Q is for Queue

New Zealanders don't queue. We just don't have the patience. Well this is a major generalisation as we do queue but not for long periods of time. This is from being a small country and thus not enough people to create a queue that would take more than ten minutes to get to the front of. (Note: I am excluding the Auckland Motorway system here as this is a special exception).
I constantly recommend to all other Kiwis to visit American theme parks after mid November when the weather is colder and thus less locals visiting the parks. Mid November was the time I visited Universal Studios in LA and in Florida, Disney World and Busch Gardens. I saw the signs "1 hour from this point" and my eyes just popped out of my head. I would never consider queueing for that length of time. And as I timed the visit well I did not need to as the queues in Universal Studios were no more than 5 people on any ride.
Disney World was still quite busy, but I worked out that the queues disappeared during the parades and since I had nine days there I watched the parade once and then rode Splash Mountain and any other popular rides at parade time.
Living in Geraldine (population 3,500) and now Timaru (Population 30,000+) I am spoilt even in New Zealand standards for queuing. I may have been promoting patience in my last post but in reality there is no need for patience queueing here, even at the Christmas Carnival where a ten minute wait is unheard of, for any ride or side show.
So if you don't enjoy queueing, come over here for a bit.


  1. I have absolutely no patience, and I live in Los Angeles. It's amazing though, what we'll put up with for entertainment. I think as much as we hate it, we have to deal with it because there isn't any choice. Living in a smaller area definitely has its advantages, I'll give you that. Everyone should speed up the process!


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