14 June 2012

IVRRAC for Free - Tell Everyone.

I have decided to get as many people as I can to get a free copy of IVRRAC. Thus I have started a major push to tell everyone possible that between the 13th and 18th of June, Amazon is giving away Kindle Copies of IVRRAC. As it is about forgiveness and the power it has to save one’s life I honestly want to get it read by as many people as possible so more people can use forgiveness in their lives. I would really love them to realise true forgiveness comes from our Lord Jesus Christ and that through him all our sins are forgiven. We need to know our own sins are forgiven for us to really forgive others in the same manor. This is what drives Simon the main character of IVRRAC, Andrew his parole officer does not judge his past and allows Simon to be treated as though he had never sinned. This allows Simon then to see where he has not yet forgiven others and he does so, freeing his mind and stopping his addiction to murder.

Simon needed Andrew in his life, all we need to do is ask Jesus into ours and we will achieve even greater things.

Cheers and Blessings


17 May 2012

It's Just not the Same

The English language is definitely in danger (and not just from my books and posts). After reading a post on Facebook I decided to gather proof that two acronyms that were used to mean the same thing in the post were actually very different from each other. To my horror even the Oxford dictionary (online at least) seems to have forgotten the original meanings, though it was hard to find the phrases on that site to begin with. As with all the other websites found via Google the two phrases were interchangeable even by Google itself.

The acronyms I speak of are GM and GE (And I’m not talking of General Motors and General Electric). According to the Oxford dictionary GM is “containing genetic material that has been artificially altered so as to produce a desired characteristic” and GE is “the deliberate modification of the characteristics of an organism by manipulating its genetic material.” Depending on your own opinions these two meanings could be different or could be the same as they are both very brief. It all depends on  your own take of what is “artificially altered.” Does it include selective breeding or not?

As far as my memory serves me, when the Abbreviations GM and GE were coined GE was a subset of GM. Genetic Modification was any human modification of any food whether by gene manipulation or selective breeding, whereas GE was only gene manipulation. However as the media got hold of the debate they used GM meaning only GE and after a decade or so the two meanings got so confused that now everyone thinks they are the same thing. But I still stand behind that GM is any modification whether by selective breeding or microscopic engineering and GE is specifically engineering individual genes, so watch out if you cross that line!

Why? Because what are we to call Selective Breeding and other age old techniques which is totally different to the natural state of plants and animals if we cannot isolate GE from GM? They are still human interference and modification of the gene pool. Natural Selection may not be as abrupt and clinical as GE but it is still modification, still unnatural, therefore it is still GM, but it is definitely not GE. You get what I mean? For those purists out there, how can they be assured that their foods have not been manipulated by humans if GM only refers to GE? (That is if there is any organism out there not manipulated in some way.)

Even if you can’t agree with my statement, try it on for a while and you will see why I get upset at Facebook Posts that complain about GM sweet corn.  According to my argument above, all sweet corn is GM, sweet corn was developed by selective breeding to a point where it apparently cannot breed without human intervention (the kernels do not fall off by themselves). This is major manipulation of the original corn’s genetic code, but it is not GE, it was not engineered, only modified. Therefore the post should have been about GE Sweet Corn. If the poster used this acronym, there would be no misunderstanding, everyone would know they were talking about a vegetable that has had its genetic code manipulated by physical intervention of the genes themselves.

Another point, why have two acronyms that mean the same? It makes sense that one would be different to the other in some way.

If you agree, please save the English language from a glut of redundant acronyms and point out to the media, Facebook posters, Anti GE groups, pro GE groups, whoever, there is a difference between GM and GE, use the terms correctly or suffer nasty guilt pains for destroying yet another part of the English language.

Cheers and Blessings


19 March 2012


Warning – This blog topic contains minor spoilers for IVRRAC.

People may feel there is a contradiction in IVRRAC that it seems to promote forgiveness, yet also puts forward a lack of punishment is detrimental to a person’s moral character. Janine explains to Simon why he became a serial killer. “…you wanted to be punished. But they didn't, the law put you in a home for wayward youth… The unpunished guilt of that murder drove you to do it six more times. Each time you secretly wanted to be caught.”

I would dare say that many people reading Janine’s monologue would agree with her sentiments and using it as a good reason why people are given the death sentence and life imprisonment. But then the book does a ninety degree turn with Simon asking for forgiveness rather than more punishment.

I know this has upset a few readers, some enough to comment on IVRRAC’s lack of continuity and erroneous psychology, however it is not contradictory or erroneous at all. (If you still think so, I welcome your post below).

Firstly Janine over simplified the issue, she is not a psychologist and thus only grabbed what she felt were the main points of Andrew’s explanation to her the day before. (Andrew does have a doctorate in Psychology). I did not put this meeting between Andrew and Janine in the book as it would interrupt the flow and most of the conversation between Janine and Andrew was absolutely boring and irrelevant to the plot.

The major point in Simon’s past was not so much the lack of punishment, but more the lack of acknowledgement that what Simon did was wrong. There was no trial, no court case. He was deemed a minor and merely shifted from one institute to another, without any real word to him why. As far as Simon was concerned the murder was a non-event.

A side note here is that with New Zealand’s justice system moving more into revenge than true justice it is increasingly rare that teenagers are getting away with being a minor on severe crime, so Simon was an exception to the rule. There were other reasons alluded to in the book why Simon was not treated as an adult in this case.

When a person is guilt ridden and yet no one acknowledges the crime it can tear that person apart. In Simon’s case it caused him to repeat the offense again and again until someone acknowledge it was wrong.

I can see this in my own children, if I ignore a misdemeanour, e.g. my son throwing his toy train across the room, he does not stop but throws it even harder a second time. Once informed that it is wrong to throw toys in an appropriate disapproving tone, he stops and plays more sedately.

I heard of a person who got away with murder. He eventually came clean and confessed, afterwards he noted that the time he spent in prison he was freer  than he was bundled with the guilt of an unacknowledged crime.

So what I am saying in IVRRAC and here is that forgiveness is king, but we still have to acknowledge wrongdoing and make certain that the perpetrator knows his/her actions are inappropriate and they have to live with the consequences, whether it be buying a replacement or spending time in rehabilitation programmes, or if they don’t acknowledge the wrongdoing themselves, time in prison to at least give them opportunity to realise they made a mistake.

But what IVRRAC is not promoting by Janine’s comments on lack of punishment is a person being incarcerated until the victim feels adequately revenged. Every time I read of victims reliving their terrible experiences at sentencing hearings or parole boards I feel deeply saddened as I see they are just being eaten alive by hatred rather than taking on board forgiveness and freeing themselves from a lifetime of emotional death.

There is a reason Jesus spoke many times on the requirement that we forgive others. Forgiving others does not do much for them as often they don’t  even know they are forgiven, but it does an amazing amount for the person who forgives.

29 February 2012

Breath and Fences

I want to get a February posting in before March so here I am, just before bed typing away on my small net book. Last weekend I attended a church family camp, my wife was on the committee so I had a lot of work to do before and during the camp, I am now quite tired.  The camp itself was held at the Presbyterian Camp Site here known as Lindisfarne. The last time I stayed there was at the age of ten on my first school camp, the dorms have not changed one bit, however the dining and hall areas are brand new thanks to some bored individual/individuals who enjoy watching other people’s property going up in smoke.


The theme of the weekend was breath. God breathed life into Adam and both the Hebrew and Greek words for Spirit can be translated as breath. The idea is that to be with God we simply just have to breath. To do this well we should pause, put things out of our minds and think of God, and breathe slowly. We also watched a Nooma video on breath. The video made an interesting point that the actual Hebrew pronunciation of the name given to Moses by God sounds exactly like breathing. Do we honour God simply by breathing?


On another note I am about to start my next course, which is Theology – Ethics. This should be very interesting as it delves into the controversial subjects of premarital sex, homosexuality and co-habitation. My posts may become more controversial as I progress through this course over the coming months. But we will see, I naturally avoid controversy and normally play happily on the fence.


Well that’s my February update.


Cheers and Blessings



24 January 2012

New Year Update 2012

I made a New Years Resolution to blog more often. Well it is already 24 days into the New Year and this is my first 2012 blog. Oh well so much for resolutions.

What I have managed to do is complete my readjustment to IVRRAC (Shhh top secret, though the 2012 publish date and the edition number beginning with 2012 may just give it away). This was released with a two day free period, now it is back to 99c on Amazon (though my RRP is $3.50 now).

I have also managed to get back into BOAS and have re-read my previous version to get an idea where I am up to so expect a few quotes on the BOAS discussion in the near future..

Other than that, not much has changed. Christchurch is still suffering earthquakes, though the local geologists are now saying that these “aftershocks” will occur for the next 30 years. That is a long time to wait for stability. Apparently, just as I surmised, there is more than one fault line in question here and as one releases tension it puts more tension on the other which then releases and places the tension back on the first. Really a game of tennis with Christchurch in the middle.

Even though we are out of the tennis court we still are questioning every shake and tremor in the house, was that a truck or an earthquake? In fact my wife just announced as I was writing this that she reckons there was another shake and she is not even looking over my shoulder. I have now got the GeoNet website open on my other monitor to see if she is correct.

We flew out of Christchurch to get to Auckland for Christmas a day after the last big shocks 5.8 followed by a 6.0 an hour or so later. I noticed that the parking layby before the parking building was being over utilised and the parking building drop off area almost empty that day. The aeroplanes were still taking off and that was the main thing for us at that particular moment of time.

When we returned we stopped off at Riccarton Mall, one of the few, if not the only, large malls in Christchurch which did not suffer some major damage due to it’s western location, and I had an argument with Diana as she wanted to avoid the parking building. But after 10 minutes of being stuck in the small outdoor carpark (parking lot) with every other potential shopper I finally managed to convince her the car would be safe in the parking building. And it was, there was not even a 2.0 tremor while we were there.

So now we are safely back in Timaru weary of the shaking ground and thinking of our fellow Kiwis two hours drive north who have a lot more to lose each time the faults play another round of tennis.

Oh and Diana was wrong, it was not an earthquake after all.


Cheers and Blessings