02 August 2015

Windows 10 and Cortana

Just a quick warning. I am at present installing Windows 10 on one of my computers (Purposefully on the one with minimal personal data on it) to see how it all goes. While the installer is busy "Working on it" I came across an article about privacy issues with Windows 10 http://www.ibnlive.com/news/tech/microsoft-under-fire-over-collecting-user-data-in-new-windows-10-1028964.html 
This article is an example of the normal scare mongering media loves, but it does give an interesting turn of events to my previous post. Especially since Windows 10 comes with an A.I. assistant called Cortana. As with the programs I discussed last post Contana uses "deep neural networks" for arranging its internal data. Quote From Here. 

Warning i-Robot spoilers follow....

Hmmm a new upgrade that is made affordable to all people, free to those who already have the last few versions? Where have I heard that before? Will Smith in i-Robot came across a lovely A.I. Computer called V.I.K.I (A word of warning do not search Goggle for "V.I.K.I" images without the word "i-Robot" unless you like scantily dressed ladies).
Here is V.I.K.I and Will Smith as they discuss the end of the human ruled world. V.I.K.I orchestrated the free upgrades to make certain there were no older models that did not auto-update to stop her taking over the world. (The robots were totally under V.I.K.I.s control during the update download process).

So we have a new operating system "controlled" by an A.I. program that is free to practically everyone (except the poor sods still running Vista or enterprise license holders). Oh and XP but since XP and beyond are now past their lifetime I will totally ignore that they still exist even though I still have a win98 machine myself. Plus the updates apparently (as per the above article) cannot be turned off, one starts wondering whether this is the beginning of the end.

Now I am not saying Microsoft nor Cortana is out to rule the world, but it is an interesting turn of events.

However I will write immediately if my Windows 10 machine suddenly gets up and strangles me at night don't you worry. But at the moment my only thought is when will the stupid notebook stop just "Working on it" and become my nice new Windows 10 machine.