24 April 2013

Back Again



Yes it’s me again. I thought I could see if I can go a year without Blogging, almost made it. Well if you don’t count promotional blogs I have, as my last serious blog was 13 months ago. Now is that something to be proud of?


I have been meaning to place my life back in your eyes for a while now, ever since a company here in New Zealand has been running adverts with a “famous” New Zealander, who apparently has credence because he is a “Fashion Blogger.” What does that mean? I am a “Whatever takes my fancy Blogger” will I get invited to host adverts too? I hope so, I need more money.


Which brings me onto the actual subject of this blog, what I have been doing. Have I been busy writing to release a new story to make more money? No, I have been spending money on my bedroom. I am currently waiting for the sealant paint to dry, for me to start lining my bedroom. As it is coming into winter here in the Southern Hemisphere, my wife and I feel that the draughty wooden door currently protecting us from the outside to the south (coldest side in Southern Hemisphere) would not be very efficient once the frosts and icy cold Southerlies start attacking. So I am required to lay an insulated wooden floor and south wall while I am on holiday looking after the kids.


Unfortunately the only space big enough to cut and prepare wood is the deck, and it is raining (started the moment the wood was delivered) so I am now doing washing (using the clothes dryer – more expense!) and waiting. You are quite welcome to donate money to my cause J (Buy more Kindle copies of IVRRAC would the easiest way).


As for my writing I am in two minds, do I continue with my Superhero Comedy – “B.O.A.S” or should my next “Anagram Series” book – “The C.L.O.U.D” take preference? I am tending towards “The C.L.O.U.D” as it is addressing an issue that may come to fruition very shortly if the computer (more specifically the tablet) market goes into monopoly mode.


More on this in a later blog, as I feel it is very important that competition is kept alive in the I.T. market place. (Hint - The I is the reason for this).


Blessings to all.