04 April 2011

C is for Computers

Are computers not wonderful? I have loved computers (even when their network interface is playing up) since I was 5. And at the time I grew up this was quite unusual. In fact my 3rd Grade (translated for my US friends) teacher had to ask me what the word "computer" referred to in my fictional story assignment.

Thus there are computers in IVRRAC and in BOAS. In fact the one in BOAS is a central character literally with a mind of its own. I have only written two stories that do not deal with computers, both are available free online (Carnarvon  Love - Google Books and Only the Only http://twppj.wordpress.com/only-the-only-a-freebie/) in their rough form - no external editing.

C is also for Cheers



  1. Interesting. Are you a science fiction writer?

  2. I remember a time when I was resistant to learning computers and now, I couldn't live without them!

  3. Um hmmm. You're making me feel really old! I was in my Junior year when our high school got its first computer. And it was a big as a television!

    My husband is a computer geek(said with lots of respect-he saves me at least weekly) and he would understand what all those words/letters mean. Not me. I just hop on and go! And yes, they're wonderful and I love mine :)

  4. Angela - I write many different genres. Mostly I cannot stay in one and have to include three or four. However growing up I considered myself a Science Fiction writer but the novels that were more aligned to romance than SciFi were the ones that stood out.

  5. Words Crafter - We are probably similar age as I was at high school when they got their first computer. But saying that only the BBC was as big as a TV the others were smaller.

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