21 April 2011

L is for Late

Are you perpetually late for things? I am quite often late for my blog posts. And I purposely work on going to appointments thirty minutes earlier so I get there on time. My church is perfect for me as they have coffee and talk at Ten O'clock which means I normally make it in time to take a cup of coffee into the service at Ten Thirty.
However now I am quite a few days late with my posts. I could use the excuse of my father-in-law's funeral at the start of the week, but seriously I took this challenge for doing no matter what is happening in my private life.
But instead of giving up I have decided I will hold my head in shame and admit to being late for my posts and get on with catching up. It is always better late than never. A slogan I remember while driving to appointments after the allotted time so I do not have a car accident on the way.
Unfortunately the airline officials do not see this as such and thus I plan to get to the airport ninety minutes before check in. But as the Christchurch airport is a very good place to relax and have a cup of coffee I do not mind waiting the extra fifteen minutes by the time I actually get there.
In fact they are soon opening a new Christchurch airport which promises to be even more relaxing etc. It is unfortunate that it is taking so long to finish it off. It is mildly annoying to walk past the polished floors of the new check in area still fenced off even though all the signs are lit and the machines are there welcoming people to check in. Especially when you are rushing to check in within the remaining two minutes and have to walk a further two hundred metres to the old check in lounge.
Why am I always late? One word KIDS! Especially when there are more than one. You get one child ready and while you tend to the next child the original manages to somehow get unready. It is a vicious circle, one made worse when you have only ninety minutes excess and a two hour drive before reaching the airport.
I dream of the day I retire, the kids will be off to university or employment and if I'm late it's my own fault... well actually it's the wife's fault but don't tell her I said that.



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  1. I am trying really hard to rid myself of my time management challenges.
    I enjoyed your post,


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