13 April 2011

I is for IVRRAC

Of course I am going to talk about my first published work. IVRRAC. The most common question is what does the acronym stand for? Simple answer - "Read the Book!" But I can tell you it is about Simon a killer of rich socialite women who he refers to as "Richies" and hates them without exception. That is until he is sent on parole to a township full of rich socialite women and the only means of escape is to befriend one of them.

I began writing this story way back around 93 or 94 in a wine bar while waiting for my bus. That wine bar ceased to exist a few years later (they obviously gave me too many free coffees) and now, due to major structural damage, the building itself has been demolished. And no, it was not a victim of the Christchurch earthquake, but a victim to some major internal restructuring in Auckland.

After leaving the villian\hero being rescued by legalise murder activists I got stumped (and you can see why... legalise murder activists? What was I thinking?) So I left the story until I had an unhappy love affair and poured all my heart ache into the story. Thus it received a major romantic twist and the activists turned into a beautiful woman named Kyndrea who becomes the villain/hero's love interest.

So our main character is suddenly torn between his hatred of the rich and his love for this rich socialite. What aspect wins out in the end? Well I think you probably can guess but you maybe surprised when you read IVRRAC.

Kyndrea is very interesting, both her name and her character, this I will discuss further when I come to the letter K.




  1. what an interesting premise. sounds like a promising read. great meeting you through the a-z!

  2. Your story sounds very compelling. I like the fact that you poured your own romantic experience (as you were writing the book) into your story. The best stories come from our imagination and our personal experience.

    Nice blog!


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