10 April 2011

H is for Harold - BOAS's pet rabbit.

I thought that I would go into my writing today for a subject. Harold is a very odd pet, but then BOAS is a very odd superhero. Raised in a laboratory in Auckland, Harold escapes with the lab technician to Christchurch after a very unpleasant explosion within the lab. This was assumed to have caused the death of the "mad scientist" who was responsible for Harold's strange looks.
Through a long and contorted route Harold finally ends up as a pet in BOAS's house. The odd thing about Harold is that his skull has been replaced with a moulded plastic cap through which his brain can be clearly seen. This gives Harold superior telekinesis and mind reading abilities and thus he helps BOAS in his quest to bring the murderer of his friends to justice.
BOAS is the book I am writing on at present (see my other blog) but it has been stalled due to my paid work and study requiring a lot more of my time. It will hopefully be finished and released later this year.
As you can tell it is not the regular run of the mill superhero story. Once the shape of BOAS is revealed you will definitely realise this. All I can say at the moment is that BOAS's first appearance in the book (within the prologue) is as a parking meter.
It is a satiric and comical look at the world today being located in another universe, sorry multiverse,  not too unsimilar to our own except the exaggeration (and total fabrication) of things we assume to be real on our planet. Or as the prologue puts it "One such multiverse is virtually the same as the world we live on except for little subtleties such as the police force being manned by simpletons, the oil companies are the mean nasty conglomerates that people in our world try and make them out to be, their physical laws are made to be broken and the most important difference, pogo sticks are the ultimate in recreational equipment."
And of course rabbits with plastic skulls can communicate to humans and help save the world.

Cheers and have a good weekend.


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