18 June 2011

Talking about the Weather...

Winter is upon us (well us in the Southern Hemisphere at least) and it is starting to make itself felt. Gone are the unusually mild days of May and early June we are now deep into wintery temperatures. For the U.S. readers when I say it hasn’t got higher than 8 degrees they would shiver but since I am speaking in Celsius, being in New Zealand, it is not so bad as that is equivalent  to 46 Fahrenheit. In fact the northern U.S. and Canadians would probably now be saying “that’s a warm winter, get a life!”


The reason I am going on about the weather is 1) I’m a New Zealander, and 2) I am sitting in my sun-porch office with no sun and feeling quite ill to boot (I am determined not to let it become man-flu but it is tempting)..  I look out the bit of window I can see between the drying racks and LCD monitor and all I see is grey-white sky above the row of houses on the opposite hill. The majority of winter days in Timaru are bright blue skies and very warm in enclosed glass areas, like for instance, my sun-porch office. So today is one of those not-so-nice days where everywhere is cold and it is the dampish cold that gets into the bones of a person.


I would prefer a minus 2 degree (Celsius – 36 Fahrenheit) morning with the grass covered in white frost and that clear skied day which follows such a morning, but the weatherman has noted that it is going to rain, rain and more than that, rain again. At present the best it can do is a light drizzle, I think the weather has lost heart in itself as well. I wouldn’t be so grumpy about it if it actually snowed. Timaru is lucky to get snow once every three years so snow is a bit of a novelty to us Timaruvians. Everyone is saying “It feels like snow” but then we get it so infrequently we can’t really remember what snow feels like. So that is not much of a gauge really.


You may wonder that since I have just moved to Timaru a few months ago why I am including myself as a true-blue (actually green and black are our rugby colours) Timaruvian. Well for those who haven’t read my bio on Amazon I was a born and bred Timaruvian who moved away for a total of seventeen years (albeit the last three only 50k (30 miles) away).


Well that is my Saturday thoughts sent out to the wide world. Now back to study and concentrating on my headache.


Cheers and Blessings to you all.


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