22 June 2011

Exams... Yay!

It was exam day today. Isn’t it strange how as soon as you sit down at the table/desk in front of a small seemingly unimportant piece of white paper with a few questions on it your mind goes completely blank. Well that was my experience today, all those names of the great, and not so great, theologians must have poured out of my ears onto the floor escaping my grasp throughout the 2 hours I spent staring at the black letters that once would have meant something to me five minutes earlier.

Fortunately it was not quite that bad and I pray that I have written some useful theology down that satisfies my wonderful and fantastic tutor (just in case he reads this) to take pity on me and award me some grade higher than a D.

But the significance of this is that for a few weeks I have no more study and thus can put some time into this blog and of course BOAS. So expect more from me during the following days.

I am meant to be having an early night tonight and reclaim lost hours of sleep working fulltime and studying for exams (and the occasional posting of course).. But I could not put my head on the pillow until I had posted yet another mindless drabble on the internet for people to ignore.


On another note – and sorry guys for bringing it up yet again – but we had another large quake last night. 5.4 on the scale and yet again I did not feel it. Unfortunately the people of Christchurch did and the 20 plus aftershocks since last night so again I am thinking of them and the distress they must be under.

For me I had just wandered into the bedroom when my wife noted the bed was moving. I felt nothing and the only way I knew she was right was the light swinging from side to side. We estimated about a 4.2 so we are definitely not experts. Of course it all depends on the site of the quake, this time it was close to Halswell, a south western suburb of Christchurch where they have had some liquefaction in past quakes. Luckily it seems the only real damage was to the supermarket stock in Halswell crashing to the floor.


As far as the location goes the further west it is, the more likely we will feel it down here, the eastern ones seem to go off into the ocean and miss us. We felt the September Quake much more dramatically than the February and subsequent eastern quakes. In fact in Timaru there was major building damage in September but only minor cracks (some sending a couple of buildings just over the safe limit after September’s work) in February.


Well that’s it for a cold Wednesday


Cheers and blessings




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