16 June 2011

Just some thoughts for a Thursday

Well I have completed the Ay to Zed challenge, albeit late and with a little cheat at the end, but still finally completed. The challenge has given me more confidence to post any information whether it is to do with my books, Christianity or just some boring subject I happen to be enthused with at the time.


A few things have come to mind since my last posts (Here and in my BOAS blog).

·         A letter to the editor today in our local paper (Timaru Herald – www.timaruherald.co.nz) noted that one person died in Monday’s quake. I do not know how accurate that is, but if so, I wish to pass my commiserations onto the family of this person and I am very apologetic that I did not mention the death in my previous post.

·         Another large quake occurred yesterday (Wednesday 15 June) at 6:20am (5.0) and yet again I did not feel it, my wife did but she was lying in bed and I was making breakfast. (Makes me look like a saint doesn’t it. Truth is, she already got up and made her own breakfast while I was spending all day in the shower). I did hear a window creak though.

·         I realised, mainly in my BOAS post, that I used the terminology of “I decided” a lot and there was no mention of God’s plan at all. I am going to do some serious praying about my direction over the weekend. More on this later.

·         Finally and the most important, I have come to realise today how annoying it is when your tongue seems to always end up brushing against the sharp point of the newly chipped tooth creating a very sore ulcer. I will avoid crispy ginger biscuits (cookies for the U.S.) from now on, but those new dark chocolate covered ones are all so tempting.


Another interesting fact is how long it takes to get a PO Box transferred these days. I am not being nasty here, the lady at the post shop was very accommodating and most of the time was my own inept ability in filling out forms. I do not know how many readers out there know I have moved from Geraldine to Timaru, or how many actually care, but I have. We decided to keep the box in Geraldine for a while to make certain we would be staying in Timaru and we were going back and forth anyway for a while so we could pick up the mail often enough to not require a change.

Now we are not going back and forth so much as winter is here and the gardens do not need so much attention (not that we gave them much to begin with) and life in the big City of Timaru (30,000 pop - very approx.) is getting busier and busier. The final say ion the matter was the invoice for the coming year so we made the move, and I had the task of going to the new location to do the deed.

We decided on Highfield because it sounds so posh and it is easier to get a park there, unfortunately many other people feel exactly the same and thus they have a waiting list. So I had to then pop into town and get one there and hope there was a free parking space close by. There was one opposite the train tracks which was a bonus for my son as there was a train going through as we walked back (well I walked back carrying him) after the ordeal.

So the upshot of the exercise is that Trentsworth Press (My publishing company in everyway imaginable) has a new postal address. You can feel free to send presents, cheques or book orders etc. to PO Box 341, Timaru 7940, New Zealand anytime you want from now on. Some people may think I mad putting my postal address here, but I realise even the most basic internet nasty would realise they could just go to the website to get it anyway, so why not make it easy for anyone who is legitimately interested?


Well that is Thursday’s posting. I may attempt a Friday’s tomorrow, we will see.


Have a wonderful Thursday yourselves.



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