29 February 2012

Breath and Fences

I want to get a February posting in before March so here I am, just before bed typing away on my small net book. Last weekend I attended a church family camp, my wife was on the committee so I had a lot of work to do before and during the camp, I am now quite tired.  The camp itself was held at the Presbyterian Camp Site here known as Lindisfarne. The last time I stayed there was at the age of ten on my first school camp, the dorms have not changed one bit, however the dining and hall areas are brand new thanks to some bored individual/individuals who enjoy watching other people’s property going up in smoke.


The theme of the weekend was breath. God breathed life into Adam and both the Hebrew and Greek words for Spirit can be translated as breath. The idea is that to be with God we simply just have to breath. To do this well we should pause, put things out of our minds and think of God, and breathe slowly. We also watched a Nooma video on breath. The video made an interesting point that the actual Hebrew pronunciation of the name given to Moses by God sounds exactly like breathing. Do we honour God simply by breathing?


On another note I am about to start my next course, which is Theology – Ethics. This should be very interesting as it delves into the controversial subjects of premarital sex, homosexuality and co-habitation. My posts may become more controversial as I progress through this course over the coming months. But we will see, I naturally avoid controversy and normally play happily on the fence.


Well that’s my February update.


Cheers and Blessings