16 April 2011

K is for Kyndrea

I decided that it would be a great idea to have a character with a name I made up as my sister had a name that originated in a stroy in the early 1900s. So I spent a bit of time and finally came up with the name Kyndrea which I would translate as meaning "Love of a Family" or "Unconditional Love."

I googled the name and no hits came up so I was pretty certain that Kyndrea was quite original. That was until a few years later when more people became involved in the Internet social network and now the name Kyndrea gets about 15 different individuals. So it was not so original after all. But pretty close, I mean the Blogger spell checker doesn't know the name either.

Kyndrea is the main female lead in my book IVRRAC. She is the love interest of the murderous main character Simon. I cannot give too much away but she ends up in a position that most people dread and needs to show unconditional forgiveness to save her own life. But the twist is that she doesn't even know her life is on the line.

This is a good analogy of our own lives. There are many times we harbour resentment towards others. The irony of the situation is that it is not the other party that gets hurt by that resentment, it is us. But we never know this as we are so full of revenge or hatred that the logic goes out the window.

Another factor is that Jesus said to receive forgiveness from God we need to forgive others ourselves. Matthew 6:15. Thus we never realise it but we need to forgive to save our own lives both in the present and in the future.

I think this is the part people find difficult in IVRRAC as it is pointing out the requirement of forgiveness to live life to the fullest. For most people to forgive is the hardest thing to do ever and I am overwhelmed with wonder when I do hear the few stories of victims forgiving their aggressors.

But as normal people we have concerns, forgiveness is not the norm in our society. It is made to be an acceptance or condoning of a bad thing. It is not, to forgive is not saying a person should not pay for their actions. But they should pay fairly not be a victim of revenge. A lot of "evil doers" already pay for it with guilt. I am reminded of the man who owned up to a murder he had got away with, his comment was that the time spent in prison was the most free he had ever been for he was no longer weighed down with the guilt.

Well as this is actually about Kyndrea I will end with her conversation with Simon. I don't think I give anything away here, not many people would actually think Simon would end up killing her so that he doesn't would not come as a surprise. (I have edited out a spoiler statement in the middle though. The statement does clarify her stance and resistance more but I'd rather not spoil the twist for you.)

"Okay, so you didn't kill us, so what? Simon, you killed seven people! Seven people's lives are ended because of you. How can I love a person who maliciously destroyed seven families? What does that make me?"

"Human," Simon answered.

Then there was silence. She looked at him, he looked at her. She broke into tears, "But what if people find out?"

"That is your vanity. They should congratulate you for being able to forgive in the face of absurdity. I know deep down they will think you are a great woman, which you already are Kyndrea, the greatest woman I know."

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  1. I'd never heard the name Kyndrea. With an original name for a book character, you don't have to worry about offending anyone with the character's actions.



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