09 April 2011

G is for God

Now I have revealed to all that I am in the process of becoming a minister, I really cannot avoid today's letter being anything else. So if you are not in the mood for a Christian sermon please stop reading now and skip to the letter "H" (Once it is written).

Of course I am referring to The God, "I am" the god that brought the Israelites out of Egypt and the God who gave his only begotten son so that who so ever believes shall not perish but have everlasting life.

I am studying Deuteronomy this week or as it is known in the Hebrew "elleh haddebarim." It is a very good summary of the preceding 3 books and again lays down the law for the Jewish people. It also has some good information on who God is for the Jewish people. A caring God who knows we fall easily into temptation. Although the laws are complicated and the punishments severe, it is possible to see the underlying love God has for his people.

I am looking forward to reading the experts' opinions tomorrow on this subject but I can already see the ties between this well-entrenched law book and the good news of the New Testament. One of the things I truly admire, as an author, is all the inter-connections between the different ages and how something 800 years earlier can affect the people of the later age.

A question people may ask now is "Since you love God and scripture, are your books Christian Fiction?"

The answer is "Yes and No." My favourite author of all time is C S Lewis and the way he created a wonderful allegorical series. Books that on the face seemed to be normal everyday fiction, but when read with scripture in mind a whole new layer can be explored.

This is what I attempt in my books. IVRRAC is not "Christian Fiction" in the general sense but it has many suggestions of Christianity throughout it. A person can read IVRRAC and be totally oblivious to it being in any way Christian based and thoroughly enjoy it. But when read with Christianity in mind many parallels can be found between Simon's adventures and scripture.

Thus I feel I can provide good reading for both Christian and non-Christian readers within my books.

Cheers and blessings to all.



  1. I love C.S. Lewis also. I also like that you're writing books that are not "christian" but have christian themes. My work in progress is the same way. Good luck! Found you on A to Z, hope you get lots of new followers.

  2. Lewis is one of my favorites too :) I love his apologetics stuff, like Mere Christianity, but I love his fiction too-Chronicles of Narnia, Perelandra, Till We Have Faces. This last is one of my favorites of all. And of course there are the Screwtape Letters, which are somewhat both. Good post!

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)


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