18 August 2009

IVRRAC - General Comments (No Spoilers)

Announcing the release of IVRRAC. A new psychological intrigue set in alpine New Zealand.

Please post any general comments on the story here.

(No Spoilers will be accepted on this post – See separate Spoiler post)

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Simon, a convicted serial killer of the rich, undergoes treatment at a fledgling private criminal rehabilitation firm, IVRRAC. Simon is then sent to the alpine village of Trentsworth, a town full of rich socialite women, to ascertain whether he is cured of his murderous impulses or not. During his stay in Trentsworth, Simon falls in love with his neighbour, Kyndrea, the only child of a rich widower. After a time he realises there is no way she would be able to love him due to his past. Through this anguish he discovers that the rehabilitation process has failed and he is still able to exact his revenge with dramatic and unexpected results. During the aftermath of his actions he is informed what the anagram IVRRAC stands for and the awful truth that IVRRAC has its own dark secrets and Trentsworth is not at all what it seems.

“One mistake, one tiny error in that psych report, the treatment won’t hold and that will spell disaster. Suicide, massacre or most likely both! I’ll stay with him and watch events carefully, but I won’t be held responsible.”

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